I am a curvalicious megababe. 

Fat is the more commonly known term for the uninitiated (and I mean this in the purely descriptive way, not the version of ‘fat’ that comes with all sorts of emotionally loaded negative connotations) but ‘curvalicious megababe’ encapsulates the beauty that comes with my soft physique. 

It’s an act of radical self love to call yourself a megababe. It takes effort to consciously reject the pressures from society that insist you really ought to look a certain way. It’s a muscle. If you’re not used to it, body acceptance and even the elusive ‘confidence’ won’t happen overnight, just like lifting a really heavy weight. But if you start small, stick with it, you end up with mega gains and that heavy weight will get lighter and lighter. 

One of the things that has helped me immensely is following Instagram accounts of beautiful bodies of all sizes. Seeing gorgeous humxns of all shapes (for me, it’s a lot of plus size folk) can help re-wire our thinking of what we view as beautiful and in turn re-wire our thinking of ourselves. I’m no expert, but it worked for me. 

So start small. Show your body some love and appreciation. I took a leaf out of Sofie Hagen’s book ‘Happy Fat’ and started by simply putting my hands on my belly to show it some kindness. Not grabbing it, squishing it, pushing it up or in, just noticing the softness and thinking ‘yeah, you’re alright really’. Honestly, try it. 

I receive messages from people saying that my posts about fat liberation and self love (which usually involve me taking a photo in my pants and declaring my curvalicious megababeliness) help them in many ways and I have been thinking how we can multiply that out so we can flood our social media feeds with posts that say ‘we are all beautiful’. We are all megababes. 

So my challenge to you. Post a photo that says “I am a megababe”. This can be whatever you like, maybe highlight part of your body that you love, maybe it’s a banging selfie, (photos in just your pants are not mandatory!) anything that says “yes I am beautiful”. If we could flood our social media with images of us beauties of all shapes and sizes (and let me be clear, this is for everyone) who are embracing their gorgeousness, we can spread the message that WE ARE ALL MEGABABES. Post it with the hashtag #megababemovement

It’s a bit of fun but it also has a serious undertone. This is for every person who doesn’t feel like they are a megababe, I would love for us to come together to amplify that they absolutely are. It’s hard to change a lifetime of conditioning that only one type of body is best, believe me I know, but it absolutely is possible.

Along with this I have launched a range of colourways that celebrate this megababeliness. £2 from every skein sold of the ‘Megababe Collection’ will be donated to Women’s Aid. Obviously they’re sparkly, megababes sparkle, they SHINE. The collection goes on sale Saturday 9th May at midday.

So take a photo. Post it with the hashtag #megababemovement and say I. AM. A. MEGABABE.