For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may be aware of my passion for fat liberation and all round embracing of body diversity. I side with Sofie Hagen who talks in depth about the term 'body positivity' being kind of bullshit (why do we need to love ourselves to be accepted by others?) and prefer the term 'fat liberation' which instead asks for bodies of all sizes to not be discriminated against or treated lesser than. I'm grossly over-simplifying this but that's because I've had this post circling around my head over the holiday period and I want to get to the point. There are books, articles and highly articulated advocates for this movement who do a much better job of learning people up on why fat people are beautiful and deserving of every happiness and equal treatment as any other size. For starters, look up Georgina Horne, Megan Jayne Crabbe, Sofie Hagen and Your Fat Friend. Buy their books, follow them on Instagram, fall down the rabbit hole, it's joyful. 

So what is my point? What has this got to do with yarn? 

For a start, I'm fat. No, I'm a curvalicious megababe. I decided some years ago to never consider going on a diet ever again and that my self worth does not centre around my clothing size. If I want to workout or exercise, it will be for the joy of movement and never again for how many calories it will burn off. I have been considerably happier than ever by actively choosing to reject our diet culture and accept the shape that I am and say "fuck off, I'm a megababe just as I am". 


I am desperate to shake people at this time of year with their new year's resolutions saying things like "this will be the year I lose weight", and "new year, new me, I'm going on a diet". Fuck. That. So I implore you dear reader (maybe all two of you?) to reject this bullshit and commit to acts of self love instead. 

Knit the sweater that you have been coveting on Ravelry NOW. You don't need to wait until you lose x number of pounds, just knit it for the size you are already. I know us fatties need more yarn for sweaters and that's why I'm a huge fan of stash diving and finding skeins that look pleasing together instead of having x number of identical skeins. Thank the yarn god that Andrea Mowry came along with the fade, we can blend in colours for beautiful one of a kind garments and it looks utterly beautiful. And look at Stephen West with his marled designs and use of colours that throws the rulebook out of the window. Embrace that, mix it up, knitting doesn't have to be about perfection. Put those random skeins together, you won't regret it. One of the things that always gets me is when people say certain colours don't suit them; bitch please... wear the colours that bring you joy, not what you think will be approved of by others. If you love it, wear it. 

And while we're here. Be selfish. There is no greater act of self love than spending a few months on crafting a beautiful new piece for yourself. You deserve it. 2019 was a rough year (to understate things) so welcome 2020 by commiting to making something just for you. Right now I'm finishing a pair of socks and they are just for me. Why? Because I bloody deserve it. And you can never have too many knitted socks... Next up will be another sweater. For who? For ME because I am fabulous and get to have nice things. 

So what are my resolutions? I'm glad you asked:

  • Learn to knit brioche
  • Knit more sweaters (for ME)
  • Eat more cheese

Everything is better with cheese. Fight me.