I finally finished and blocked my Slub Yarn Headscarf! I made this up off the top of my head as a quick knit to show off this amazing new yarn base but since posting about it on social media, there's been lots of lovelies all interested in knowing the pattern for this knit SO, here's my notes... 

It's a super simple, quick knit and very customisable depending on your preferences and head size! 

You will need: a skein of HeyJay Slub Yarn of course! I had 70g left at the end of this so you've still got loads left for a matching hat for when it gets colder outside and your whole noggin needs warming!

3.5mm needles. Gauge really doesn't matter, I just wanted quite a closed fabric (as opposed to open and breezy)

To start, cast on a stitch. 

Then kfb to increase to two stitches. 

Next: purl the row

Next: kfb, knit to end

Repeat the increase and purl rows until you have a width that you're happy with. I got to about 38 stitches across.

Next: knit the row

Next: purl the row

Continue knitting stockinette straight until your two ends meet when you try it around your head in the manner that you plan to wear it. 

Next: k2tog, knit to end

Next: purl

Repeat these two rows until you're back down to one stitch and cast off. 

Block your scarf, weave in the ends and enjoy! 

Tip: For the slubs that landed on the wrong side of my knit, I popped these through the fabric with the help of a crochet hook.