• The Glass Elevator

    White male privilege is alive and well in the fibre crafts industry and I'm not being quiet about it.
  • What needle/hook size should I use?

    Most commercial wools will have on the ball band a recommended needle/hook size as part of the information included like fibre content and meterage and weight, so this is a perfectly reasonable question to ask!
  • Megababe Movement

    It’s an act of radical self love to call yourself a megababe. It takes effort to consciously reject the pressures from society that insist you really ought to look a certain way...
  • Yarn Aftercare

    Today I want to talk a little about aftercare. You picked out that yarn, you lovingly worked it into a smashing lovely wee thing, job done. Right? Wrong.
  • New Years Resolutions

    Chuck 'new year, thin me' out of the window and knit something for you...
  • Slub Yarn Headscarf

    How you can knit your very own headscarf using the amazing new Slub Yarn!
  • HeyJay Podcast

    Well my lovelies, not content with being a yarn dyeing extraordinaire, I am now a certified YouTube celebrity...
  • Yarn Dyeing Workshops

    Yarn Dyeing Workshops have been a new addition to my batman utility belt of yarn skills this year (that's a thing...) so I thought it was high time I wrote a little to explain how these work